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"End to End" is the only fanlisting officially approved by The Fanlistings Network for the programming/scripting language PHP.

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The fanlisting is named "End to End" because PHP is something that can be used from both ends of the web development spectrum -- from the very simple tasks, to the very complicated and huge web applications. All around the Web, you can see websites using PHP for very simple websites, and yet it also powers very complicated web applications. PHP is truly a programming language that is fully utilized.

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About PHP

What is PHP? It is quite simply a programming/scripting language that is used to create dynamic Web pages. It now stands for "PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor", though it has gone through a number of names, both rumored and not: Personal Home Pages, Pre-Hypertext Processing, and Parser Hypertext Preprocessor.

PHP is the most widely-used scripting language on the Internet today, owing much of this stance from the fact that it is Open Source and development using PHP is cheap. Almost every server, if not every, can serve and parse PHP pages.

But mass availability is not the only strength of PHP: it is relatively simple to learn since its syntax is very close to the other basic/core programming languages such as C, and yet it is very powerful when it comes to web applications. Throughout the Web, you can see simple sites and pages served using PHP; but you can also see various complicated, extensive, and massive projects powered by this scripting language, ranging from content management systems, nukes, project trackers, galleries, and many more besides.

PHP = Love (A Personal Tribute)

PHP is something that's almost second nature to me. It's the only "programming" language (in quotes because it's actually a scripting language) that I'm really into; the main reason I like programming is because of PHP and the fact that I can create very simple scripts so quickly (like phpSiteSkin), but I can also use it to create complicated scripts (like Enth3). Actually, right now I'm working as a systems analyst at a web dev company, and I'm not supposed to be handling development work but I actually asked to handle internal R&D work on our project tracker just because I was missing opening up a PHP file and fiddling and stuff. :D I learned PHP on my own as well, around two years ago; I've used it on school projects (they usually ask people to use Java or VB, but I always ask if I can use PHP instead, lol), given basic workshops on it at university, on sites I run (a Neopets gallery directory which I since closed down) and most recently, on linkware scripts which I also use myself. I frankly don't think I'd be into so many of the things I'm into right now (i.e., fanlistings) if it wasn't for PHP and the fact that I enjoy working with PHP.


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